My search for the arcadian life has extended itself into the form of this little piece of virtual expression. Life in these modern times often leaves us languishing for bygone eras, wishing the world would appreciate the art of slow living again – or at least appreciate the beauty of the world around us. Arcadian Ash is an enterprise that hopes to capture a little bit of that bucolic spirit.

Arcadian Ash is an umbrella for many, many things: gardening, kitchen creativity, ethnobotany, cultural discovery – and all the tidbits in between. Each facet, while vast and seemingly unrelated, is directly influenced by the other. As a flower garnishes a plate, so may it heal our bodies – or inspire great art – or reveal the lifeblood and history of a culture. Arcadian Ash is very exploratory in that sense, always striving to appreciate and then reinvent what the world has to offer.

As much as I love studying nature, I am also an avid baker and an intermittently passionate “DIYer.” My green thumb is usually dusted with flour, so you can expect to see as many cakes and cookies as you will see fruits and flowers. Essentially, if you love all things home and garden, then you are a kindred spirit my friend…and I hope you will find something interesting or inspiring in this little corner of the blogosphere.

Hi! I’m Ashlyn Morgan – a horticulturist, designer, foodie, and aspiring ethnobotanist. My simplest yet grandest pleasures in life are these: gathering with loved ones, wandering through forests and new places, admiring all of earth’s creatures, reveling in the joy of growing, cooking, and eating food, and admiring all things ethereal be it tangible or fantasy.

I received a degree in Horticulture/Garden Design from Auburn University and grew up right down the road from my alma mater. I became a landscape designer upon graduating, but shortly after, I moved with my love, Hunter, to a 50-acre farm in the middle of East Tennessee. I left behind a career in the big city, but now I have wide open spaces to grow my food and flowers, mossy creeksides to admire, woods to explore, a home to cook and create in, and a place that best suits my soul and fosters my creativity.

I still love gardening and garden design, especially in the European fashion, but now I am extending that passion to herbalism, botanical research, and homesteading. I’m taking my love of plants and trying to learn all that I can about them – from their uses, to the people who utilize them.

I am also a designer, which means that I am not content unless I am creating something. Usually that means I am developing recipes in my kitchen, hosting parties, laying out garden plans, crafting and repurposing, always trying to set a mood or theme. I cannot deny that I am a ‘home and garden’ kind of girl. My passion for cooking and baking has especially grown in past years, I guess because it finally clicked that I can do my two favorite things at the same time: create and eat!

Well, enough about me! I hope you enjoy Arcadian Ash!

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Twitter: @Arcadian_Ash

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